Glenn Beck on Charlie Hebdo: 'We Should Not Mock' Religion, but…

Glenn Beck on Charlie Hebdo: 'We Should Not Mock' Religion, but…
Glenn Beck today stood by Charlie Hebdo while making it incredibly clear he rejects the offensive cartoons in question, thinks they're unfunny and disgusting, and doesn't believe anyone should insult anyone's religious faith (somewhat contrary to …
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Glenn Beck says Utah's Rep. Chris Stewart is losing his soul
Glenn Beck, the conservative talk radio icon, ripped into Rep. Chris Stewart on Tuesday for voting to give House Speaker John Boehner another term in the top job. He went so far as to tell Stewart, R-Utah: "We think you're losing your soul." It's no …
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Motivational quotes and inspirational quotes about money

motivational quotes Tell me what you yearn for and I shall tell you who you are. We are what we reach for, the idealized image that drives our wandering.


Inspirational quotes There’s no money in poetry, but then there’s no poetry in money, either.


They who are of the opinion that Money will do everything, may very well be suspected to do everything for Money.


The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any.


“The best things in life are free but you can tell me ’bout the birds and bees. Now gimme money”


A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.


We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures


Business is the art of extracting money from another man’s pocket without resorting to violence.


Motivational quotes – It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach.


Inspirational quotes – When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.


“Money isn’t everything but it sure keeps you in touch with your children”


Money: There’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money.


He had heard people speak contemptuously of money: he wondered if they had ever tried to do without it.


As one gets older one sees many more paths that could be taken.

Artists sense within their own work that kind of swelling of possibilities, which may seem a freedom or confusion.


If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.


Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.


“Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.


Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.


Wealth may be an excellent thing, for it means power, and it means leisure, it means liberty.


Inspirational quotes – The great lesson is that the sacred in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends, and family, in one’s back yard.


Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.


“I try to do the right thing with money. Save a dollar here and there, clip some coupons. Buy ten gold chains instead of 20. Four summer homes instead of eight.

Inspirational quotes about life – The best place to uplift your spirit with motivational quotes. Read Motivational Inspirational Quotes


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Preppers Survey Shows ‘Economic Collapse’ is the Most Likely Big Disaster

Austin, TX (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Preppers is a term given to the growing numbers of people who are preparing for disasters and disruptions of all sorts. The prepper movement includes a wide range of people from those who are ready to handle a few days disruption to those who are getting ready for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it).

The possible collapse scenarios range from pandemics, major terrorism events, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, meteorites striking Earth, military coups, and famines.

Of all the big scenarios for collapse, what do preppers consider most likely to occur?

A recent survey with 1,840 prepper respondents showed an overwhelming 76% believe the most likely, big disaster is economic collapse.

Given the recent concerns with a U.S. fiscal cliff, the banking meltdown in Europe, and the unsustainable accumulation of debt by governments around the world, this response is not so surprising, says Marjory Wildcraft, a leader in the survival and preparedness industry. Wildcraft has been described as the Martha Stewart of self-reliance. She is a regular guest on national radio and television shows and was recently featured as an expert in sustainable living on National Geographics hit series, Doomsday Preppers. Wildcraft is an author of several books, but is best known for her video series Grow Your Own Groceries (, which is a crash course on growing food that is used by homesteaders, survivalists, universities, and missionary organizations.

Kevin Barber, owner of the online training school Mainstream Preppers ( agrees with the survey findings. In the surveys, weve conducted weve found very similar results economic collapse is by far, the biggest concern among preppers.

Jack Spirko, host of the popular Survival Podcast ( also agrees that much of his audience see the financial situation as the biggest concern among the many possibilities. Spirko is quoted as saying, Economic collapse is a matter of when, not if.

To meet the growing demand for information and skills related to self-reliance and sustainable living, Wildcraft has created an online information center at with free resources on :

How To Find The Perfect Survival Retreat
Video Interviews With Economic Collapse Survivors
Survival Gardening
Home Defense
Backup Food Supplies
Heirloom Seeds and Seed Saving
Guns for Women and Beginners
Investments & Small Businesses That Succeed In Times Of Crisis
Backyard Food Production
Making Your Own Medicine
Canning and Preserving
Home Butchering
Inexpensive Items To Stockpile
Nutrition and Health
Healthcare When There Is No Doctor

Why the emphasis on growing your own groceries?

Regardless of the collapse scenario, being able to feed your family will be your biggest concern, says Wildcraft. It is well known that there are only about four days worth of food supplies in the grocery stores, and your food travels to you an average of 1,500 miles. Any event that interrupts the just-in-time trucking system will mean people will be looking for food as a first priority. Of all the skills you need to survive, growing food is one of the most challenging.

Wildcrafts crash course video set Grow Your Own Groceries is rapidly becoming the standard video training tool and reference source for people who want to learn how to grow food and take control of their food supply.

Grow Your Own Groceries is endorsed by The Permaculture Activist,, World Hunger Relief Missionaries, The Organic Consumers Association, Alex Jones Infowars, and The Weston-Price Nutrition Foundation.

The principles in the DVD training course are universal and are applicable to everyone living anywhere, regardless of climate. People who live in apartments can also grow their own food.

Wildcrafts new site at offers much more than simply growing food and is quickly becoming the go to source for information for people new to prepping. There is a large selection of videos, articles, and podcasts that provide useful information that is easy to understand.

We focus on practical information delivered with a bit of humor and lots of inspiration, says Wildcraft, who noted that survival and preparedness used to be associated with fear tactics and gloom and doom. I take the perspective that yes, change is coming now how do we make the best of it?

New preppers can get a series of impactful videos delivered to their inbox every week for free when they subscribe to Wildcrafts Getting Started Kit. They can also get a free report titled How Much Land Do You Need To Grow All of the Food You Want. Both reports are available at

Marjory Wildcrafts emails are so well written and so useful, I print them out and keep them in a binder, says Jeff Deere of Dallas, Texas.

Creating the site is part of a mission for Wildcraft, who is passionate about sustainable living and self-reliance. Wildcraft points out that homegrown food on every table is a solution to so many problems we are collectively facing including economic collapse.


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