How To Generate Blog Traffic Using Articles

When it comes to getting traffic to your blog, enough is never enough. To put it in plain terms, the more traffic you get, the more money you make. But very often, getting a steady stream of traffic to your blog is a big problem for a lot of people.

There are tons of ways to get more traffic to your blogs, but one of the most effective is to write and publish articles related to your market.

1) How To Write Articles Easily

The trick to writing articles is to write them constantly, which really sounds easier than it is. If you?re not outsourcing the articles, you need to write and publish at least one new articles every two weeks.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to look back at some of the posts you?ve written, and turn these into full-fledged articles. Generally, this would mean anywhere between 500 – 800 words. Anything shorter and you?re likely to be rejected by most article directories. Anything longer is still ok, but would mean your readers get bored.

2) How To Publish Your Articles

Writing the article is really just one part of the traffic building campaign. You still need to publish your article to as many sites as possible.

There?s one service I currently use to publish and syndicate all my articles, which is MyArticleMarketer, available at The service will syndicate all your articles to other article directories, and depending on your niche, this could mean 200 – 500 instant back links to your website. Some of your articles, if they are good, will end up in other people?s ezines and blogs.

With a free account at, you will only get distribution on the ?partial list?, but an upgrade for a reasonable amount of money will give you unlimited article submissions to a list of more than 5,000 websites.

Each article you submit comes with reporting features so you can check exactly how many sites have published your articles.

All your articles will be examined and approved by a human editor. If you don?t upgrade it takes up to two weeks, but upgrade authors can expect 24-hour approval of their articles. You can post as many articles as your want, based on your membership level.

3) Using Private Label Articles

Although there’s been a lot of flak regarding using Private Label articles recently, the fact is that it is a useful back-up supply when you run out of ideas.

Private Label means that those article were initially ghost-written by someone else, and if you have the rights to use them you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. I recommend that you edit and reword not less than 60% of the PLR article so that it becomes unique content instead of the same article that is being used by the other marketers out there.

One word of caution: most article marketing services like will not accept PLR articles, so make sure you also change the title and reword most of the content. Other article sites like may even penalize you for using PLR articles, so use them wisely and at your own risk.

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Buy Targeted Traffic ? The Easy Way To Buying Targeted Traffic

Okay, you are a webmaster struggling for website traffic. You may have tried all the tricks in the book but nothing is working so I would suggest that buy yourself website traffic. Believe me, the minor investment that you need to make is nothing compared to the heavy targeted traffic you are going to get in return.

Buying website traffic is nothing new and with each passing day it is not only becoming simpler but also does not have to cost the sun and the moon. Read on for some fantastic advice as to how to drive visitors straight to your shopping cart.

I know I digress, but before you set out to buy website traffic one thing that you need to do is really consider your site. Does it have a professional look? A brand logo? The reason I ask you to scrutinize your website is because there will be no point in getting customers to your site if you can?t hold them there. Make sure that your site is really well spruced with content and design before you really start to market it and once visitors start to flow in they will recognize you by the signature look you create.

Also a site that looks great and functions smoothly tends to project the correct image about you and the brand. Also one thing that you must not miss out on is the personal touch; don?t make people feel they are interacting with a machine.

If you are not sure you can always hire third parties like SEO companies who will optimize your site the correct way not just for search engines but also help you to project the company image in a positive fashion. Remember you are doing all this to promoter your site and increase your business so you can also purchase some traffic for your site with the most cost effective method there is ? Pay Per Click Advertising.

If you are trying this out for the first time and you don?t have a very large budget you will find that not only is it effective but you are also paying less for paying customers. The best part about PPC ads is that they are linked to the kind of product you are offering and thus you can be assured that you are going to be driving some much targeted traffic to your site. If your site is really attractive and is able to inspire trust that you are a good company with genuine business you are going to snag a customer who is definitely going to return.

And combining PPC advertising with other means of advertising and marketing policies like giving away freebies and offers are just going to do wonders to your site. Remember that if you are really considering buying traffic for your website, Pay Per Click campaigns are what you really need to invest in and sit back while you get visitors with no sweat at all. As long as you have the keywords right and you are able to use them in a minimalist fashion to drive home your message you can be assured of motivated site traffic.

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The Best Business Opportunity Ever

Long ago, in a land pretty far away, I happened upon a business opportunity. In fact, it was an amazing business opportunity?.but I didn’t even see it. I was looking for something else.

Just like in many other aspects of our lives, things are always right in front of our noses yet we’re so busy trying to look around it to search for something we think we want.

Let me ask you this. Your job, what you do now for a living. Is this what you had envisioned for yourself so long ago? Are you out searching for a business opportunity, when there may just be one right under your nose?

The difficult part is, is that the perfect business opportunity never presents itself that way, does it? I mean, right now I am an internet marketer and absolutely loving it. I help design software to help solve people’s problems. I provide business guidance and advice to those seeking my unique perspective after 14+ years in offline and online businesses.

But I didn’t come to Romania to be an internet marketer.

I came here to build some software for one of our companies. The internet marketing business opportunity was there as just a tiny bud?and over the past couple years has blossomed into what it is now.

So, if you are out searching for a new business opportunity, you should really stop and focus on the small opportunities that are right there at your feet.

But, how do you recognize them?

? Is there anything right now that piques your interest?

? Is there something that is in a field that you think is enjoyable?

? Has someone mentioned a business opportunity that you considered but dismissed?

I could go on, but the point is, if you can, give those opportunities that come by some real thought. Maybe spend a little time engaged in them, to see if you find them enjoyable or not.

Now, if you are still wanting to pursue a different direction and are looking for another business opportunity?why not look inside your head?

The nice thing about humanity is; no two people are the same. Your experiences, what you know, what you’ve done. Your perspective is completely different than mine.

So, why not write about a passion of yours? Or write a story about an experience you’ve had and its outcome? No matter who you are or what you do, every single person has enough knowledge or creativity to write an eBook.

And, in writing an eBook, you don’t have to come up with money to publish or distribute your book. It’s really quite exciting! Now you can share your expertise with the world for just the small investment of your time!

So, even if you aren’t feverishly searching for abusiness opportunity, realize that there are many of them all around?or inside?you. All you have to do is open your eyes and your mind.

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SEO ? A Multipart Solution

Imagine a boy handing his father a box filled with specialized Lego parts. Each looks similar in many ways, but they also have distinct features and colors that make it necessary to have a plan for ?project development?. The father sorts through the box or bag looking for that ?just right? piece. Without a match between part and plan the Lego creation looks, well, different somehow ? and that?s not always a bad thing.

I?ve seen boys take those Lego sets and make some pretty amazing things, but ultimately it did not look anything like the picture on the box. These grade school problem solvers took the pieces and made something altogether new. Sometimes they even borrow from other Lego sets to create something even more fantastic and previously unknown and perhaps unduplicated. The bucket, box or bag of random parts became the catalyst for the imagination needed to make a true original project.

Now I want you to think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies as something a bit like a Lego kit ? lots of parts that can be combined to create something special when multiple parts are used.

Many online businesses pick and choose the marketing components they feel most comfortable with. They will even use those skills to great effect, but like the Lego kits the parts can be assembled in a variety of ways that make for an impressive final outcome.

SEO Starts with web design and then building blocks of SEO are attached to that primary block through the use of a variety of online marketing techniques.

Perhaps you might like to try list building as a block in your ?yet unknown and unidentified? masterpiece, but you might also consider traffic building in order build your email list.

Maybe you could develop an ezine and a ?member?s only? ebook download. These blocks can contribute to both traffic building and list building objectives.

Video streaming and podcasting are popular components to marketing and SEO and they go hand in hand with social media, blogging and forums so be sure to add those blocks.

Don?t forget autoresponders and customer service. There?s no use selling a product or service and forgetting the customer. After all, the customer is why you?re in business.

When you want to let others know about your business you might consider email marketing (that?s where list building comes in) and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to get the word out.

Like Lego?s, each of these marketing strategies snap together to represent your business through SEO techniques. However, no matter how you build it you will need keyword rich content that is compelling to site visitors and easily slurped by spiders or perused by bots. When you do not have keyword rich content both site visitor and search engines do not find your site compelling enough to get excited about.

You want people to get excited about your site. The role of quality content should never be minimized.

If SEO is a lot like Lego building blocks, what does your site look like?

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