Derivatives Investments Could Close Gap in Gold Silver Ratio, Reports Certified Gold Exchange

(PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Popular U.S. gold and silver dealer Certified Gold Exchange has gone on record to state its belief that the gold silver ratio could shrink from its current 63:1 (approximate) status to as low as 30:1 in the next two years due to the growing popularity of silver derivatives combined with the waning interest in gold derivatives.

The gold silver ratio refers to the number of ounces of silver it would require for someone to trade for one ounce of gold. This indicator has historically been as low as 15:1 and many investors prefer silver to gold largely because of this figure.

Institutional investors such as banks and 401(k) managers are demanding less gold derivatives (i.e. pool accounts, ETFs) while at the same time household investors are growing more interested in silver derivatives, said Brian Ford, associate director of research at Certified Gold Exchange in Dallas, TX. The large firms are profit-hungry so they are selling their gold investments, causing the gold price to fall. Meanwhile, your average American is looking for a safe place to put his money, and he sees silver derivatives as safe. Plus, it is easier to buy $ 100,000 in a silver ETF than it is to buy $ 100,000 in silver bullion, since there is no storage involved, Ford added.

Certified Gold Exchange does not sell any gold or silver derivatives and only offers clients actual coins and bars. Why, then, would the company predict the level of interest in silver derivatives to rise? As the gold silver ratio starts to shrink, more people are going to buy silver and even though it might be more difficult to store $ 100,000 in silver coins or bars, some folks would rather have it on hand than on a piece of paper, and we invite those individuals to contact us directly for discounted pricing and free delivery, or they can contact one of the dealers around the country to whom we make our metals available, Ford commented.

Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. is North Americas premier precious metals trading platform, providing unparalleled service to licensed dealers, institutions, and household investors. Throughout nearly two decades of trading precious metals with the public, Certified Gold Exchange has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. For more information or a free Gold Investors Guide, visit or call 1-800-300-0715 today.

MarketWatch Article Predicts 2013 Stock Market Crash, Gold Price Reports

(PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Paul B. Farrell with MarketWatch recently wrote an article in which he describes, in detail, how a stock market crash before the end of 2013 is not only possible, but very likely. Farrell quotes sources such as billionaire Warren Buffett, economists Peter Schiff and Gary Schilling, CEO of Doubleline Capital Jeffrey Gundlach and others, as well as historical facts, to develop his theory that U.S. stock markets are long overdue for an implosion.

Farrell contends that the stubbornness of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, along with the non-stop chatter about housing and job market recoveries, have caused a consumer confidence bubble. Stewart Lawson, vice president of marketing for, says he agrees wholeheartedly with Farrells analysis.

Id say that the likelihood of a stock crash this year is 87 percent at a minimum, Lawson said from his office in Dallas, TX. Government agencies, the media and investment banks as well as their brokers have been shoving this recovery nonsense down our throats for the last couple of years, but I talk to people every day who tell me that this recovery hasnt trickled down to them at all. Prices for food and gasoline are higher, unemployment is up, cities are going bankrupt and we are supposed to believe that the stock market is safe? So much stock market trading is done by machines and a few weeks ago a single tweet from a hacked AP Twitter account caused the market to nose-dive. Id say that an 87 percent chance of stocks crashing this year is an understatement, but the facts and quotes he uses in the article are very frank and refreshing, Lawson added.

Lawson recommends hard assets such as gold and silver, and if someone is insistent on being involved with the stock market, they should consider ETFs that are based on commodities. Cash accounts and mutual funds have done well in the past, but anyone who looks objectively at our economy can tell something doesnt feel right.

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Bitcoin Gaining the Attention From the Old Guard of Sound Money Enthusiats; Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital Reveals His Thoughts on Gold Silver BItcoin

Palm Springs, CA (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

Bitcoin, the crypto-currency that is making headway in its battle to gain supremacy in the financial world, is gaining the most notoriety among the traditional hard money advocates of the precious metals world.

Peter Schiff, with his knowledge of markets and hard assets says that he is skeptical of bitcoin because it, “lacks any intrinsic value”.

Of course he is talking about the fact that bitcoin is essentially nothing more than digital files floating around cyber space. What Peter misses however is that the same fundamentals of limit supply and difficulty in mining make Bitcoin the digital equivalent of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

The only thing that is missing is the industrial components that the other metals possess, being necessary for almost every piece of technology that modern man requires. is the industry leader in enabling investors to diversify their assets in precious metals and Bitcoin. Visit the website below for the next step in wealth preservation.