Entrepreneurs with Less Than 100 Employees are Optimistic Despite Economic Woes: Marketing Tip Sheet Shows Small Business Managers How to Spark Profits with 12 Strategies

Daytona Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Dr. Elizabeth Kruger, a published marketing expert, shares on her blog why some small businesses are wildly profitable. Her tip sheet shows entrepreneurs and managers how to use 12 strategies to spark their profits.

U.S. entrepreneurs with less than 100 employees are unreasonably optimistic according to research by Penn Schoen Berland (2013). They seem optimistic since three out of four expect better sales next year and over half expect better growth and financial outcomes. However, three out of four of the respondents did not obtain financing and nine out of ten worry that the economy will hurt their business.

Dr. Kruger reveals how their optimism can predict the future. She knows why some start-ups are wildly profitable while most other businesses go bankrupt. Successful businesses know how to predict and manage results, but other businesses turn a blind eye to priorities.

Successful entrepreneurs prioritize their top customers. They know that highly profitable customers will produce most of their profits. Scientists have confirmed that the top 20% of their customers will be 16 times more profitable than their other customers. Their secret of success is to delight and duplicate these top customers.

Her marketing tip sheet presents 12 rules for sparking profits in a small business. These rules summarize strategies for using the 80-20 law. The first four rules answer questions about the mission, specialty, suppliers, and target market of a business. The next four rules improve basic marketing decisions. The final four rules help entrepreneurs set policies, target prospects, budget resources, and respond to change.

More information about these tips are posted on Dr. Krugers blog, strategicpower.biz

Her blog includes excerpts from Dr. Krugers upcoming book, Aesops Rules: 12 Strategies to Spark Your Profits. The wisdom in Aesops fables resonates over the ages. Dr. Kruger reveals how their timeless marketing wisdom helps entrepreneurs spark profits in their startup.

In 2011, Business Expert Press published Top Market Strategy: Applying the 80/20 Rule. Graduate marketing classes around the world are adopting Dr. Krugers book to enrich their textbooks. Barry Silverstein, ForeWord Reviews, praises her college supplement as a profit-generating tool.

In summary, Dr. Elizabeth Krugers tip sheet coaches male entrepreneurs to spark profits when starting up a small business. Reluctant entrepreneurs eagerly await Aesops Rules: Profit from Timeless Marketing Wisdom. She posts excerpts of this book and more tips on her blog, strategicpower.biz

Strategic Power has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Dr. Krugers coaching, writing, and speaking are sparking profits around the world. She will gladly customize guest blogs, speeches, and articles for specific purposes. Dr. Kruger has been a guest on 11 syndicated radio shows. Please contact Dr. Kruger directly for media interviews, speeches, and articles.

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Small Business Marketing Expert Rhondalynn Korolak Reveals New Studies That Prove Alcohol Lowers Intelligence and Reduces Business Opportunities

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Two recent studies show that even a stone-cold, sober person holding (or being photographed with) a glass of wine at a business function, will suffer a 10-20 point drop in their perceived IQ and receive fewer business prospects. According to Rhondalynn Korolak, small business marketing expert and author of Sales Seduction, small business owners who network or have a strong social media presence are particularly at risk just being pictured with a glass of wine has the potential to tarnish your reputation, decrease the number of leads you receive and reduce your intelligence not in real terms, but in the eyes of those who see you.”

The imbibing idiot bias is well researched and documented in a 2012 study by Scott Rick (University of Michigan) and Maurice Schweitzer (Wharton The University of Pennsylvania). Their work demonstrates, among other things, that subjects viewed holding a glass of wine were judged to be less intelligent and less appropriate for hiring. Conversely, participants who were pictured with a soft drink were viewed as more intelligent and more hireable.

These conclusions were further explored in a March 2013 survey of 100 business owners who attended an after-work networking event. 71% reported having at least one alcoholic beverage, while 36% reported having at least two. Not surprisingly, the 36 respondents reported the least number of business cards exchanged and qualified leads gained. The 29% who did not consume an alcoholic beverage exchanged twice as many business cards and gained 41% more leads.

The imbibing idiot bias is an excellent example of a phenomenon called the priming effect. Essentially, priming occurs whenever decisions and actions are predisposed, hastened or influenced in a particular direction by the context, visuals, emotions, or symbols.

Priming works so effectively to influence and persuade because most of the drivers behind choices and decisions primarily happen below the level of thought and consciousness. This means that business owners in a networking situation are strongly influenced by intangible factors that up until now, have largely slipped under the radar and gone undetected.

Evidence of the priming effect at work is all around us.

It is the reason why presidents and prime ministers pose for photos while sitting behind a desk, surrounded by a flag, a photo of their family, and bookshelves full of leather bound books. Says Korolak without saying a word, they have already predisposed or influenced your opinion of their values, work ethic, and intelligence. And it also explains why voters cast more politically conservative ballots if asked to attend polls in or near a church location, as opposed to those who vote near government or secular buildings.”

According to Korolak, Alcohol and business networking dont mix humans are conditioned to associate alcohol with cognitive impairment, and even when no such impairment is present, the association still sticks and we will automatically judge the person partaking as less intelligent and less suitable for doing business with.”

In a tight economy, where perception and first impressions can make the difference between thriving and going bankrupt, it makes good sense for business owners to avoid alcoholic beverages in networking or social media environments. Understanding how strongly the human brain is influenced and primed by subtle cues (such as a glass of wine) can prevent an entrepreneur from unwittingly committing an act of reputational suicide.

To learn more about Sales Seduction, visit:



About Rhondalynn Korolak

Korolak is a Melbourne-based lawyer, chartered accountant, business coach, speaker, best-selling author and small business marketing expert. She has been featured in/on Yahoo, CNN ireport, Skynews, 3AW, Channel 9, Kochies Business Builders, bNet, Fast Thinking, MYOB, Dynamic Business, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Her recent books also include Financial Foreplay and On The Shoulders of Giants. To book her for an interview or find out more, contact her at:

info(at)imagineeringunlimited(dot)com or

61 404 907 768 (in Australia)

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Most EffectiveVarieties Of Marketing

On the web there are billions of net sites and the one and the same amount of individuals trying for those websites. Now, it’s further robust to battle with the number of web sites in the web Marketing your web web site is one thing that each web master ought to do. On-line promoting ways are taught nearly everywhere within the net these days. Identified below are a range of the prime techniques to plug online.

These publicity ways in sales letters creator are simply a number of the many ways that to market your product or service. These tactics will ease your show to additional people every day and obtain further traffic.

Put up Inbound Links. Creating valuable links to your web website will help perk up your listing within the the search engine google and raise your Search engines page rank. This requires placing links directed back to your website in different related websites. This will embrace post listings, link rankings, totally different peoples online journals, classified websites and web log directories.

Online Presence by means of Forums. Forums are places where you will advertise your expertise and comprehension. Posting in forums smooth the progress of your conviction and your reputation. They’ll be willing to shop for from you as a result of of this. If you recognize the answer to somebody’s question or tight spot, post your answers and set up yourself as a result of the skilled in the topic matter. Forums provide another bonus of together with links to your business enterprise site.

Seo. If you would like without charge clients, you must 1st attempt optimizing your site. Several website homeowners had attainment experiences with seo. With Search engine optimization, you decide on the phrases to target. Optimize your web site by using the key words in your site. In moderation use the keywords in the content in your site. This will eventually create your web site return into read to the search engines.

Creating – Academic Content. This observe provides you good long run investment for your hard work as a results of articles keep among the catalogs for an extended time. Once you jot down a commentary regarding one issue that relates to your enterprise you’ll place a link to your website among the resource box at the finishing stages. Use search terms within the title and every one through the post, counsel it to post catalogs and you manufacture a back link to your business website.

Web logs. Making a net log is one among the only things to strive and do with at no cost services that you may use. Get a sensible blogging platform and write concerning your business. Use key words thus your posts will be found within the search engines. Add contemporary content to your internet log no less than on one occasion per week, ideally additional, notably inside the commencement.

Find practical things to know in the sphere of one way links – please make sure to read this web site. The time has come when proper information is really within one click, use this possibility.

Marketing Your Business Through Web Is The Best Method

The Internet has become a viable option for doing business. Everyday there are new online companies popping up that offer some kind of product or service. How do these businesses utilize the Internet to market their products and services? The key is getting traffic to their websites through marketing.

Traffic is the lifeblood of the Web. They do not call it the Information Superhighway for nothing. The Internet takes people visiting the various websites and businesses online, and this traffic equals money for those companies. There are numerous ways to market on the Internet; from article marketing, to getting ranked high in the search engines. A business needs exposure in order to survive whether it is a brick and mortar establishment or a internet company. Advertising can be done both online and offline and requires a business to have an advertising budget set aside specifically for this purpose. If a business does not advertise their presence they will not be in business for very long. A successful company such as Amazon began as a small operation and now dominates in their field of bookselling, and has branched out into other markets as well. From the beginning, Amazon made its presence known on the web and branded their website and name.

It is in this branding that people come to recognize and identify with a particular business online. An online business must offer a unique product or service to the public at a reasonable price, and Amazon did just that. Then they must use methods to get traffic to that website such as ranking in the search engines, using press releases, and other forms of advertising for their business.

Baby boomers account for 36 percent of the adult population online and they comprise 32.5 percent of the population in the U.S. according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. One-third of all Internet traffic in a day?s time is attributed to baby boomers, and two-thirds of this figure spent five hours or more online.

As an Internet marketer, it is apparent that using the Internet to market your products or services online can and will be very profitable over time. MLM companies have found that going door to door just ain’t cutting it. Companies such as Ardyss has found that marketing the Body shapers online can be very lucrative. The Body Magic is the hottest body shaper on the market and not one ad has ever run on TV or Newspapers.

The main ingredient that makes online businesses successful is, they know what the customer wants and they give it to them in a nice, neat little package. Online convenience, quality products and services, easy payment methods and point and click simplicity. That is what makes using the Internet to market your business so profitable.

Using the Internet to advertise your online or offline business is an integral part of staying current with the times. The Online world is catching fire and the ones who utilize this method of doing business will be far ahead of the pack.