MarketWatch Article Predicts 2013 Stock Market Crash, Gold Price Reports

(PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Paul B. Farrell with MarketWatch recently wrote an article in which he describes, in detail, how a stock market crash before the end of 2013 is not only possible, but very likely. Farrell quotes sources such as billionaire Warren Buffett, economists Peter Schiff and Gary Schilling, CEO of Doubleline Capital Jeffrey Gundlach and others, as well as historical facts, to develop his theory that U.S. stock markets are long overdue for an implosion.

Farrell contends that the stubbornness of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, along with the non-stop chatter about housing and job market recoveries, have caused a consumer confidence bubble. Stewart Lawson, vice president of marketing for, says he agrees wholeheartedly with Farrells analysis.

Id say that the likelihood of a stock crash this year is 87 percent at a minimum, Lawson said from his office in Dallas, TX. Government agencies, the media and investment banks as well as their brokers have been shoving this recovery nonsense down our throats for the last couple of years, but I talk to people every day who tell me that this recovery hasnt trickled down to them at all. Prices for food and gasoline are higher, unemployment is up, cities are going bankrupt and we are supposed to believe that the stock market is safe? So much stock market trading is done by machines and a few weeks ago a single tweet from a hacked AP Twitter account caused the market to nose-dive. Id say that an 87 percent chance of stocks crashing this year is an understatement, but the facts and quotes he uses in the article are very frank and refreshing, Lawson added.

Lawson recommends hard assets such as gold and silver, and if someone is insistent on being involved with the stock market, they should consider ETFs that are based on commodities. Cash accounts and mutual funds have done well in the past, but anyone who looks objectively at our economy can tell something doesnt feel right.

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Silver Price Explosion

Article by Mike Shearer

The silver price tag will explode inside the coming years, and in case you are not positioned you will drop out huge time. The demand for silver is soaring, and China not long ago announced the legal ownership of silver to its citizens. Countries, sector, and investors are beginning to place an increased strain on the already strained silver market place.

Silver is an industrial metal also as a monetary metal. Industrial utilizes for silver are expanding at an exponential rate. Because silver is utilised in solar panels, water filters, medical applications, electronics, and a lot more, the demand for silver is at record highs. Silver just isn’t recycled like gold either, but is thrown away into land fills to never be witnessed yet again.

The silver price today is increasing higher on account of the investor demand together with a severe shortage predicament. Our government has been busy suppressing the cost of silver, illegally, to falsely prop the dollar up. Purchasing silver coins, silver bars, silver bullion, and silver stocks will likely be the smartest choice you ever make financially.

Economist Bob Chapman has stated that gold will go anyplace in between $ 7,000 and $ 12,000 per ounce. Silver follows correct in addition to gold in any value movements. You might be going to get slaughtered should you keep in dollar related assets. In case you are invested in stocks, bonds, money value insurance policies, annuities, and something denominated in U.S. dollars, you should get out of them while the market is still high.

The silver to gold ratio is historically 15:1, but right now that ratio fluctuates among 60 and 70. The silver to gold ratio is how a lot of ounces of silver it takes to purchase one particular ounce of gold. The silver to gold ratio is out of wack because our government has intervened in the markets and is suppressing the price of silver.

The price tag of silver is held down by manipulation on the COMEX. JP Morgan and HSBC are the main brief sellers of silver, and they’re illegally over their position limits by 1000’s of contracts. The short sellers are illegally controlling the cost, but the physical demand surfacing will soon finish any price manipulation, and also the cost of silver will go bananas when that takes place.

These banks are taking out huge positions on silver and promoting these contracts on the market, as a result flooding the industry with silver and bringing the price down. The organization GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action) Committee are inside the process of bringing this manipulation to an finish. When this manipulation is stopped, get prepared for silver to skyrocket to its accurate worth, which could be anywhere from $ 140 to greater than the gold cost in accordance with many professionals.

These banks continue their illegal activities, although they’re way more than their allowable position limits. The manipulation I am speaking about will come to an end, investors in silver need to be patient though. The COMEX has currently defaulted on consumers wanting physical delivery of their gold contracts, which begs the question “Do they even have the gold they claim to have?”

Just a tiny quantity of investors buying silver would send the value sky high. The industry is so modest, and when folks realize that this fake marketplace rally is really a reality, they’ll do all they are able to to purchase into silver. The market will get away from you if you are not positioned as a consequence of the tiny size of the market. The greatest bull marketplace is beneath way correct now. Do yourself as well as your household a favor and get into silver ASAP.

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