Did you know that your browser is geolocating you? This is how to turn it off for good.

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Location aware browsing is a huge privacy issue.

Basically what it does is every time you go to a website that requests your location your browser will give it geo-locating information such as IP addresses to let the requesting site track you to wherever you are.

There is a very simple process to turn this feature off for good.

In your browser’s address bar, type in about:config. There will be a box that pops up that warns about warranty info expiring blah blah blah. Ignore this warning and click I will be careful.

When you get to this page, there will be a search window at the top. What you need to do is type this in that search window exactly as written here. Just copy and paste.


It will search your files and that one file will be singled out and displayed at the top of your search window.
Double click it to turn it off. You should see the value n the window change from true to false.

You’re all finished. You have totally blocked access to your geo-location feature in your browser.

Just remember, anytime you update Firefox, your settings will set back to default so you will have to set the number at zero again to stop it.

Something else I wanted to discuss with you as well…

Did you know that when you visit a website on the internet, your computer deposits a cookie that lets the new website know what site you arrived there from.

So say you were looking at porn and then came to GLP, GLP would know which porn site you came from before you arrived.

Not exactly private but there is an easy fix.

We’re going to do the same as last time by typing about:config into your browser’s address bar.

Once you get in, type this into the search bar at the top.


When the file is isolated, right click it, click modify and set the number value to 0 (zero).

That’s it, you have stopped your browser from giving referrer information to the next site you visit. Again, remember that if you ever update your browser, you will have to do this over again so make a note to self.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to help.

Tips With Reference To Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

The main reason so many web site owners are trying to have multilingual pages is to capture more of the world?s traffic to their sites. According to Google, their 41 different languages they chose can reach 98% of all web users. To do this entails having a SEO for each language. only like what most have already done in English to SEO their website, it must also be done for each new language that is used.

There are many translation pages and software that are available for a web website owner to use. Unfortunately, they do not work as well as advertised. There are only certain facets of language that software cannot do. Grammar is one of the biggest. This is because most software translators attempt to do a direct translation. This is usually not probable or wise. What is needed is like what the SEO Norway experts have in Golden Way Media. Their staff is an international composite of individuals that are fluent in 7 different languages. By knowing these different languages, they also know how to reach their audience with their use of SEO. Trondheim, Norway is where this innovative internet company is based out of with operatives that span the world.

By knowing the different languages, they are well aware that to SEO a web page properly the right keywords must be used. Since direct translation does not constantly work, they know what is what in these languages. As an example, in the Inuit language of the Eskimos there are 11 different words for snow. Knowing which one is suitable in the context of the message is the best way to reach that target audience.

One way many website owners are expanding their site to multiple languages is the use of sub-domains and sub-folders. Knowing which one is appropriate for your web page depends on the makeup of your web page. For bloggers, sub-folders receive the greatest benefits from the search engines in terms of ranking. This allows the spiders combine the traffic from all the sub-folders and the main page to help increase your website?s SERPs. Since the translated context is on the same focal point and keywords, your web page will get a boost with each visitor, independent of the language they choose.

Sub-domains have been exploited in the past with at times over 1000 sub domains on just one website. The reasoning was that all the traffic, immaterial of subject matter, would contribute to their overall ranking. The search engines engineers are aware of this and have placed in the algorithms a function that actually penalizes pages that attempt to do this. These sub-domains are ranked with a lower propriety and as a result, obtain lower page rankings.

When having your SEO web design team develop your website for multiple languages, have them incorporate sub-folders instead of sub-domains for the pages that are translated. These, along with a person that is fluent in the language, are the biggest secrets that help multilingual search engine optimization pages.

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Search Engine Optimization In Simple Terms

The most vital page on which to use body text is the home page. Above is an example of a home page that uses graphical text instead of body text. Figure 1 shows what content the positioning visitors see, whereas Figure 2 shows the content a hunt engine sees and indexes. How much information about a sites content will a page just like the one above give a research engine? Thats right, terribly little. With next to no text located, the search engine would need to rely on the pages Title and META Tags to inform it what the page is about. With such very little data to go on, it’s unlikely that a search engine would contemplate this page a relevant match for search queries relating to its content. To remedy this, it is widely suggested that every net page you would like listed in search engines should contain at least 250 words of visible body text.

Keyword-Made Text

Whereas its a smart plan to use plenty of body text on web pages, if that text doesnt contain relevant keywords and phrases that people kind in to the search engines, theres not a lot of point, as a result of a website isnt going to be found for logical search queries anyway. Several web sites create the error of together with text on their site that’s either unrelated to their products and seo services, or full of promoting-speak like ???Internet solutions or a superior services. The Web is plagued with web sites selling specific items without once making reference to those things in their site text. Weird huh? For a groundwork engine to seek out a site relevant for a explicit search question, it MUST notice that search question somewhere in that site. The simplest means to confirm this can be to incorporate logical keywords and phrases among the visible text on internet pages, plus within the Title and META tags. The simplest approach for webmasters to find keywords that searchers are actually using is by conducting keyword analysis of their target market on a site like Keyword Discovery or WordTracker.

Once it is determined what search terms perspective guests are commonly typing in to go looking engines, they can then be compared to the products and services offered on the location and the body text will be adjusted accordingly. Sites lacking any keyword research tend to use very generic, unfocused body copy, or sales-oriented. Neither style contributes to high search engine rankings. Target keywords and search phrases placed strategically throughout your body copy provide your pages a abundant higher ranking potential on search engines for related searches. However its not as easy as throwing the keywords into your web site text will do. You need to guarantee that the keywords are integrated seamlessly thus their repetition is unobvious and so that the text flows smoothly for the reader. Do not compromise the readability of your copy to realize this – hire an expert copywriter to strike the proper balance if want be.

SEO Copywriting

Before writing your internet web site copy, you must analysis potential keywords and phrases that your audience may use in search engines and then slim the list down to your priority terms for every page, sorted so as of importance. You ought to then use those target search terms as a basis for the creation of optimized Title and META tags for every page on your site. Once youve done that, its time to integrate those same target search terms into your visible net page copy. We have a tendency to call this SEO copywriting. But exactly how do we have a tendency to do it?

Speak to Your Audience

Dont lose site of the reader when writing your body copy. Integrating your keywords is important, however not if you are sacrificing the readability of your site and losing the eye of your audience. Put yourself in their shoes like you did when researching your keywords. What are they wanting for? What do they have? How will your product/service help them? Does it represent value for money?

Be emotional when describing your product and services. Describe how your product/service will make them feel or look, how it can improve their lives, provide them additional time etc. Use trigger words that people respond to like free, success, you, cash etc. Not certain what these are? Check out Words That Sell reports. These reports are perfect if you’re targeting a selected business or profession as a result of they define what keywords folks in over 38 industries respond to and what they expect when creating a buying decision.

Not sure who your audience is or what theyre wanting for? Why not ask them? Use a free survey service such as Survey Monkey to find out a lot of about them therefore you can write to them and not at them. You may even draft varied designs of body copy and get feedback from your web site guests to determine what copywriting style works better for them.

Use Simple to Perceive Language

The Internet is no place for verbosity. Individuals are in a very hurry – they need to seek out what they request quickly and simply with the least florida search marketing problem possible. You’ll be able to facilitate them during this quest by ensuring your site pages use simple language and simple to know ideas throughout. As an example rather than “brand-building net info architects”, use “web site designers specializing in complete promotion”. Keep the large chunks of text on each page to a minimum, using bullet points, white area, graphics, lists and sub-headings to break it up and make it easier to read. This rule of thumb is especially necessary when creating landing pages for pay per click and different advertising campaigns.

Use examples to get your details across or to demonstrate your product benefits. Use the old WIIFM (What is In It For Me?) adage when composing your body copy to keep the user’s interests at prime of mind. Keep in mind your international visitors by incorporating regional word usage (like organize versus organize or jewelry versus jewellery) and avoid technical jargon that might alienate. Want your visitor to take a explicit action? Spell it out for them in plain English, for example Click here to Buy Now, Subscribe to our free newsletter, Bookmark this page currently etc. These references are called ???Calls to Action???.

Build Your Copy Around Your Keywords

You ought to continuously build your page copy around your keywords and not the opposite manner around. If your existing page copy doesnt contain any of your target search keywords, youre going to possess to rewrite it! Begin from scratch if you’ve got to. The secret is to focus. Search engines arent visiting rank your internet site about socks highly if your body copy talks regarding foot sizes. You need to urge specific. It sounds really obvious, but if you sell socks, build positive your site copy has lots of references to the word sucks! If you sell green socks, target the phrase “inexperienced socks” and not “foot apparel in pretty shades of emerald”! Who’s going to search for socks using that phrase?

At the chance of sounding like Dr Seuss, if you want placed for, big socks, little socks, cotton socks and wool socks, then mention them all. Better still, sort your copy into classes based mostly on your numerous product and services. If you sell wool socks AND cotton socks, then have a page dedicated to each kind. This permits you to focus on niche keywords at intervals your copy and meet the search engine’s relevancy guidelines for related search queries.

Keyword Integration

So imagine you’ve got added masses of text to your pages and therefore the copy flows well for the reader. You’ve got researched your keywords and phrases and currently you’re faced with the dilemma of integrating the keywords into your copy. Thus how do you satisfy the search engine’s yearning for keywords without interrupting the copy flow for the reader? The solution is: very carefully.

Let’s have a look at a sensible example. We have a tendency to have a client that makes a speciality of luxury adventure travel. Before I optimized their site, part of the house page copy read like this:

“We have a tendency to specialize in providing vacations for individuals who need a personal service. We bring to our florida seo efforts a fervent obsession with quality and exclusivity. We tend to also bring a freshness, an outward-going passion for discovery which justifies our growing name collectively of the planet’s prime travel providers. We will put together packages that embrace all journey activities, accommodation, transport and food”.

Extensive Keyword Discovery keyword analysis for the client had determined that the location should target the subsequent key phrases:

adventure travel
best adventure vacations
tailored travel
overseas journey travel
luxury travel packages

Thus taking our original home page text, the challenge was to integrate these keywords fastidiously and naturally so as not to disturb the logical flow of the copy and lose the interest of the visitor. seo Here’s how I did it:

“We tend to concentrate on providing the best adventure vacations for individuals who wish a personal and tailored travel service. We tend to bring to our efforts an ardent obsession with quality and exclusivity. We conjointly bring a freshness, an outward-going passion for discovery that justifies our growing reputation collectively of the planet’s high overseas adventure travel providers. We have a tendency to will put along luxury travel packages that embody all adventure activities, accommodation, transport and food”.

Note that the key phrase “overseas adventure travel” accommodates the phrase “journey travel” too. Voila! The search engines are happy as a result of the location contains text content relevant to connected search queries, the shopper is happy as a result of we have a tendency to were able to integrate the keywords without distracting the visitor and I am happy because I grasp the positioning is going to rank highly for the consumer’s target search terms.

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Search Engine Optimization – Tips Among The Pros

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO will be a way distinct activity than Pay per click. The particular objective of an SEO marketing campaign has been to pick a single search phrase in addition to make an effort in order to achieve a single web page available on your own internet site to rank well inside the search engines. That may well become a pretty complicated routine, but the 2 single most critical components for becoming ranked in the search engines regarding a particular search phrase happen to be on-page Search engine optimization combined with building good links back to your site.

On-page Search engine optimization is only the act involving optimizing a given page for a specific keyword. That indicates putting your targeted term in the title, H1 tags, META data, combined with dropping through the content material of the page. You will need to likewise make sure to form just what exactly Google takes to be a “recommended” online site. This simply would mean that the site must contain a Contact, Concerning Us, Disclosure, Privacy, together with Terms along with a Conditions page. It should be furthermore good to include a blog to your web site due to the fact that Google seems to be a big lover of blogs and other great social web sites. There have proven to be quite a few fundamental information products associated with Search engine optimization available on this ebooks blogspot com, combined with they are also available to get.

As soon as you have got that on-page Search engine optimization finalized of the way now you will want to switch your concern to building authority one way links to your site. This skill is considered perhaps the most stressful aspect in Optimization considering the fact that you need to primarily determine what precisely a quality link could be described as anyway. Primarily let me sort out the term “quality.” Quality back-links are really not basically something you will want to worry dealing with too much within your 1st 30 days of Seo campaigns. Instead aim at establishing any kind of backlink that you may gain. There will be one particular caveat to that however. Tend not to form one-way links to sites that have content Google deems questionable.

It happens to be usually obvious just what exactly questionable content should be, but in general something that you would certainly not demonstrate to a Thirteen year old should be probably not something that you want to possess linking to your web-site. What usually means porn combined with other sorts of adult only content material, drugs, casino, anything marketing violence, racism, sexism… you get the picture.

Generally keep your one-way links suitable for most audiences together with you should be okay.

So how do you find these back links? The quickest technique to begin happens to be with Article Marketing. Create several content articles and submit them to websites such as EzineArticles. You could as well think about using an article distribution services to get your article instantly submitted located on various other web sites, blogs together with directories. Another method people utilize to get inbound links has been by placing comments of forums coupled with weblogs. Despite the fact that this process system does work it regularly happens off as Spam coupled with it will be very probably that Google might be devaluing these types of links in the near future (unless they already have done so.) Finally always bookmark the web pages coupled with articles applying a random variation of social bookmarking web-sites like Reddit. Doing this is a great technique to in a timely fashion get Google to crawl your website.

In the long run, it would be prudent to obtain a number of ebooks not only involving Seo but Internet marketing and making income on-line in general. There are generally countless internet marketing ebooks accessible online, so don’t hesitate to create a solid knowledge basis before you begin out in this arena

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