Survival Blankets

Survival blankets are layered with Mylar and an inside material to provide superior warmth and trap body heat. A good array of survival blanket is used by wrapping the blanket lightly around your body. You do need a small space between your body and the blanket to lock in air, which then works to insulate your body.

Survival blankets are much different than those you will find in a customary bedroom.  These blankets are consisted from a thin sheet of silver or gold plastic material that can be used in an emergency situation to maintain body heat.

Your survival blankets work in several different ways to maintain body heat. Your body loses heat from radiation, which simply means that the surface of your skin radiates heat, through respiration when you breathe and through both convection and conduction. The wind chill factor shows the amount of heat that you can lose through convection as the wind works to cool your body when it perspires. A survival blanket actually works to keep moisture and radiant heat near your body by trapping a layer of air that insulates.

The survival blanket provides a layer of insulation that can keep in up to ninety percent of your body heat when used properly. You will want to be familiar with some basic instructions on the use of these blankets before using them yourself, particularly if you are in an emergency situation. In most cases, you will want a dry, warm area to use the blanket in and have some other warmth providing blankets to use, as well as the survival blanket.

When you need to prepare for an emergency there is nothing that is more vital than having supplies readily available to maintain your body heat.

If you are living in a climate with snow in the winter, or even if you have snow all year round, then you will want to have several thermal blankets in each car you own as well as in your home. Owning a supply of these blankets in your first aid kit for emergency is just as important as having disinfectant and bandages on hand. Ensure you have enough for each person in your family to use. 

When using survival blankets in the outdoors you also need to be prepared with other supplies to maintain body heat. Even in condition wherein temperatures are as high as fifty degrees Fahrenheit you can have hypothermia if exposed to high winds or if you happen to fall into cold water. These blankets are a must-have addition for every backpackers, hikers and campers who enjoy the outdoors in cooler temperatures.

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Other than using meta tags how can I promote my new survival forum?

Question by David Haynie: Other than using meta tags how can I promote my new survival forum?
Earlier this month I started a survival forum and have yet to be able to find it in any search engine queries. Is their a way I can help my forum to get noticed and encourage people to join ?

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew Shelby
you have to seo of your forum website.

– submit your website to Alexa for traffic rank.
– submit your website to search engines webmaster.
– submit your website for reports to Google analytics.
– do forum posting, blog posting.
– article submission and directory submission.
– back linking.

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Building a Wilderness Survival Camp – Self Reliance LESSONS FROM A LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS. How to “bug out” and still live a good life. Build a survival camp, live off the land and off the grid. Live the self-reliance lifestyle. Choose a location. Find a perennial spring or stream. Set up a temporary shelter. Bring in a supply cache. Cut trees. Build a cabin and livestock fence. Keep your firewood and your powder dry. Set up a water delivery system so you don’t have to pack water. Hunt, trap, snare a deer, gather and preserve wild food. Smoke meat. Build traps. Raise a garden. Find gold.
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How Survival Doomsday Preppers Stock Up for Emergency

Article by geni shama

How Survival Doomsday Preppers Stock Up for Emergency – Business

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You can have heard that December 12, 2012 may be the end on the planet. Whether this is or otherwise not, there are many people that they call themselves survival doomsday preppers. This doesn’t imply that they are going to appear to be military men wearing camouflage uniforms and waiting for the end of the world ahead. Preppers are ordinary people; he may become your neighbor or maybe your doctor. Anybody could be a prepper and most of which should not be known that they’re preppers even though some get their own group preparing themselves for your “End from the World”.

In short, survival doomsday preppers are individuals who store food supply, equipment and other necessities in case disaster happens. Disasters happens to be an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, huge economic downfall, gas leak or perhaps a fire. It can be something that would require a person or a family to evacuate. Preppers are people who take everything seriously and would like to maintain stocks of exactly what can keep them alive for a few days, weeks, months or for per year. These people maintain stocks of food, water, blankets, flashlights, weapons along with a generator that will let them have heat and light in case of the emergency days.

The standard survival doomsday preppers fears about the end around the globe as well as situations in which the introduction to law is rampant. Additionally they fear economic downfall of these country and possible war of the country against another nation. The preppers main objective will be the safety of his family and for this reason, he could be equipped with survival firearms. For these people, you’ll find nothing wrong with being prepared for the forthcoming “end from the world” or if the nation is in deep financial trouble. Most preppers manage to get thier inspiration and information from the web or using their group where they exchange email to update themselves on the news about the preppers.

The preppers of the olden times are very not the same as the preppers we have today. A lot of the preppers we now have today are silent individuals who you wouldn’t have imagined they may be preparing for the worst. They turn their spare room right into a pantry and teach the people in themselves survival techniques. Many of these individuals have exactly the same believing that economic destruction is arriving soon and all they desire would be to come prepared. The advantage of the survival doomsday preppers, they don’t set a particular date for your forthcoming destruction. All they desire is to be prepared. For the kids many things can happen at any time of the day plus it wouldn’t harm them if they come ready for the worst scenario. Of these people, nobody can predict the worst but right now they have the gut feeling the time is coming soon.

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The typical survival doomsday preppers. fears about the end of the world and also situations where the breakdown of law is rampant. click here to know more about survival doomsday preppers.

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geni shama

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The typical survival doomsday preppers. fears about the end of the world and also situations where the breakdown of law is rampant. click here to know more about survival doomsday preppers.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

5 Things Every Prepper Needs . . . A Dad’s Perspective Prepare NOW to be Prepared! What is YOUR plan? Your most valuable tools are your brain and common sense! • Planning and preparedness will lead to confidence • Confidence and preparedness will lead to a calm and level-headed approach in times of need • Common sense and a level-headed approach will lead to survival 1. Prepping Plan • Plan for consistent stocking preparedness supplies • Family Contingency Planning • Short Term Plan 72 Hours • Long Term Plan – Extended Preps 2. COMMS Plan • Family COMM Plan • Cell Phone / FRS / GMRS / MURS • AM / FM / Weather Radios — Stay in Touch with What is Happening! • Network COMM Plan • Practice COMM modalities FRS / GRMS / MURS / HAM • FREQUENCY LIST • Emergency New Broadcast • Local LE / EMS / FIRE / AMBULANCE • National Weather Service • HAM Radio UHF / VHF / HF 3. Trusted Support Network • YOU CAN’T DO THIS YOURSELF! • Develop a Trusted Support Network • Develop a Skill Reference List for your Trusted Support Network 4. Reference Archive • BOOKS: Cooking, Canning, Food Preservation / Medical / Homesteading / Practical Skills • TEXT: Backup PDF Documents from online sources in preparation for loss of Internet • VIDEO RESOURCES: Backup video from online sources in preparation for loss of Internet 5. MED Plan • Supplies to care for your family • Extended supply of routine medications OTC / RX • Basic / Advanced First Aid Supplies • Hygiene Supplies • Supplies to supplement care
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